We call ourself kayak freaks: we spend as much time as posible paddling, traveling in kayaks, producing or talking about kayaks and kayaking.

We have done most of our paddling in the greenlandic skin on frame kayak "qajaq", which are beeing build in our garage by Jørn with the assistence of Inge, when it is time to saw and paint. Besides this we have qquired two Feathercraft "Wisper" kayaks for trips, where transportation is complicated. Lately two plastic kayaks have been added to the collection.

Therefor this site is dedicated these topics - beside a few other hobbies which we mostly do in wintertime: As we live above the Polarcircle in Greenland we have a period of approw. six weeks, where the sun does not shine and we have winterice for three to four month.

The site is mainly in danish, however we will try to have an english summery on each mainpage.

Nyheder / News

Kayaking greenland westcoast in skin on frame kayaks

6. december 2014

Many new pages

We have started the process of digitalizing our old dias and are therefor starting to build more pages covering older trips along the westcoast of Greenland. In june 2004 we closed the gap from Sisimiut to Kangaatsiaq and thereby, we have paddled the westcoast from Nanortalik til Qaanaaq. Most of these trips has been done in our kayaks build by ourselfs: skin on frame kayaks.

17.oktober 2012

Arctic Kayaking ser dagens lys

We're setting up a new site with a new name and adress. Our old site has become difficult to maintain and in the process getting af new site the name changes from "Aasiaat kajak" to "Arctic Kayaking".

We hope, the new design og possiblities will end up shaping a more informative og usefull site.

23. september 2012

Last news

We're building a new homepage, as "Aasiaat Kajak" can't be updated anymore.

1. september 2012

Nordøstgrønland 2012 - We're back from NorthEastgreenland

We had a teriffic trip and will soon launch picture at the Blog and at Inge's Facebook.

Jørn Breinholt, Seakayaker Magazine, kajakture, grønland, aasiaat, Inge Mortensen

15. juni 2012

Jørns artikel udkommet

Seakayker Magazine, juni 2012 is availeble - read Jørn's article on our 2008 trip in NorthEastgreenland:

"Where the Wild Things Are". Follow the link.

Kayaking and camping in Northeast Greenland